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Signatures for Petition to name CVN-80 the USS Enterprise

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1 David K. M.Klaus There should always be an ENTERPRISE in the fleet, the most honored name in naval ship history.
2 RichardCaulfield  
3 DanTurner We should always have an Enterprise that's battle ready.
4 MichaelPagegala  
5 ScottDonner There should always be an Enterprise in our Navy.
6 DouglasC Please name this carrier Enterprise. We need to continue the tradition of the classic US Navy names. Enterprise, Hornet, Wasp, Constellation, America, Intrepid, Yorktown, Lexington. No more naming carriers after people PLEASE
7 RomeoGumarang It's only fitting to name a vessel Enterprise in active navy service.
8 DanEllis Always should be an USS ENTERPRISE. An USS ARIZONA would be a great honor as well.
9 DavisThompson II In honor of the proud tradition of the US Navy, and all the ships before named Enterprise, CVN 80 needs to carry on the namesake
10 ChristopherMarkle  
11 WaltHambrick Name 80 Enterprise, 81 Yorktown, 82 Lexington, 83 Hornet, 84 Saratoga, etc.
12 TCord  
13 ZacharyBamberger Either Enterprise or Arizona. Choose one or the other.
14 JeanneMartinez There should always be a ship named ENTERPRISE. It symbolizes the spirit of America: capitalism, entrepreunerism, free trade, success,unlimited search for a better life for all.
15 JosephGurak Let the name Enterprise be associated with some of the best people we have in the carrier groups,let the name Enterprise be heard and feared by the evil in the world, let Enterprise keep America Free.
16 VitoldSilevicz Seeing that CVN79 was named the USS John F Kennedy,I believe that CVN80 should be named the USS Enterprise.This should be done to keep tradition alive and to stop naming carriers after politicians.
17 RobertLaPoint Lets keep the Enterprise boldly going wherever it wants or needs to go.
18 RussellBurrough As has been stated before: The name "Enterprise" has had a long history in our Navy. We must continue that proud history.
19 TylerBurrough There must always be an Enterprise.
20 JeremyGross Keep our carrier tradition alive!
21 AlexRodriguez CVN 81, 82 maybe? How about Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson?
22 JasonMills I support this, don't name it after a politician, the should always be an Enterprise!
23 JonPattengill If the US Navy wants a ship that MUST live up to a tradition of Excellence (The Big E) it MUST have an Enterprise.
24 StevenGauss The name Enterprise for an aircaft carrier has a special meaning for America. We can not let it just disappear from the Navy. We have to remember those who served and sacrificed so much.
25 JohnWade Jr I strongly support the naming of CVN 80 USS Enterprise
26 AdamBaumann Carriers were named for famous battles, or were named Enterprise. Lets keep the tradition alive. There is no U.S. Navy without a USS Enterprise.
27 BrendanKearns The finest warship in the US Navy. Let's make sure the name is kept alive
28 JamesKocher Sr. Fantastic idea. The Enterprise was the first of its kind and we should let the legacy live on.
29 AlexanderCalrissian There should always be an enterprise in the fleet!
30 DavidNasser There's plenty of letters left in the alphabet... There must always be an Enterprise.
31 BradMelillo In the U.S. Navy there should always be a U.S.S. Enterprise. I support the naming of CVN-80 as USS Enterprise. No name for her could be better!
32 RayMorales  
33 Felix E.Truett III I'm believe the next available carrier should be named: USS Enterprise. There should always be an Enterprise. I served almost 5 years aboard CVN-65 and it was a truet honor. Everyone has heard of and will always know the name ENTERPRISE.
34 MarkStearns The name "Enterprise" has a long and storied tradition, it is one of the most heroic and well known icons in US Navy history, so much so that it has penetrated popular culture and science fiction franchises. Enterprise must always be.
35 ChristianBurris This is one name that should always be carried through the U.S. Navy. Godspeed, Enterprise!
36 AshtonHogge Every Navy needs a flagship, and the U.S.S. Enterprise should be ours! There must and will always be a ship named Enterprise.
37 ReedMcLeod The United States Navy needs an Enterprise!
38 AndrewDeininger The ships that have carried the name Enterprise have been great. This tradition needs to continue. In naming CVN 80 Enterprise you will be honoring every person who gave there lives on CVN 6 and CVN 65
39 ChristopherEmpett Enterprise is a non-partisan symbol of everything good that America stands for, and there should always be an Enterprise active in the fleet.
40 ollieshortridge do it
41 FrederickJennex USS Enterprise CVN-65 Veteran
42 AnkurMehta We need a USS Enterprise. To me, having a USS Enterprise is a tradition that must not be broken, kinda like a good luck charm. We rose to power with a USS Enterprise, and we have maintained power with a USS Enterprise, so it only seems fitting to name...
43 NathanHaught None
44 JosephVilcheck I very strongly support naming CVN-80 the USS Enterprise.
45 SeanDeVette There must always be a USS Enterprise.
46 AdamStill  
47 JeremyHogue There must always be a USS Enterprise.
48 BobLemiszki The navy should never let there be a time without a ship named Enterprise. The Big E must live on!
49 MitchellBirt The origanal Big E carrier was lost, we are at risk at losing the nuclear Enterprise, but I refuse to let the Enterprise name die! I am Mitchell Birt, and I will stand to the very end to give this ship the Enterprise name!
51 hankjackson What a better name for the third ship of the class. The name Enterprise has been involved with every Naval engagement in history. Keep the name going
52 patricksampsell I can live with 79 being called Kennedy but the navy deserves to have an Enterprise leading the way on the seas
53 JoshKeller Carry on the legacy of vessels named Enterprise. Let us never forget the soldiers who served on these famous and historic ships.
54 AlexanderCaldwell "Let's make sure that history never forgets the name...'Enterprise.'" ~Jean-Luc Picard
55 Jean-LucPicard Make it so!
56 NathanCunningham There should always be a USS ENTERPRISE
57 ScottMcDaniel C'mon people get others to sign this. There always needs to be a enterprise in our fleet.
58 MichaelSchatz With no Enterprise in the navy it's no NAVY!
59 PhilipKuhn  
60 CarlFranks  
61 MariaSchatz The Enterprise name needs to stay as a part of history.
62 RichardFranks Keep the name of the Enterprise and forget the rest!
63 AnthonyBrentin It goes without saying that the name Enterprise is the most well known. It would be a shame not to have a carrier with this name in service representing our United States
64 DanielTaylor there must always be a "Big E"!
65 VinceKelsey CVN 80 should carry the name Enterprise. The name should not be on any other type of vessel but a carrier.
66 CarlNorman A ship named Enterprise needs to be active in the U.S. fleet at all times.
67 MichaelDeLuca II Keep the name and spirit alive ... Enterprise!
68 ForrestSchoessow There must be a USS Enterprise
69 joeyrand we ALWAYS need a big E in the fleet! I can already see it: "USS Enterprise CVN-80"
70 MatthewNewman There can be no US Navy without a carrier named Enterprise.
71 PaulCalpin Please name this carrier Enterprise. We need to continue the tradition of the classic US Navy names. Enterprise, Hornet, Wasp, Constellation, America, Intrepid, Yorktown, Lexington. No more naming carriers after people PLEASE
72 PeteTroha  
73 RobertHarrigan No more politicians. The navy needs an Enterprise
74 MarkWhitney USS Enterprise a proud tradition of ships and crews that span the best of history and a hope for the future well into the 23rd century
75 MaximeLemoine The Enterprise is not only a ship name but the ship who symbolize the values of Democracy. The world need an Enterprise.
76 CalebLotterman The Navy always needs an Enterprise.
77 RogerWest There must always be an Enterprise in the US Navy
78 DonCarter Why in hell would we name a ship after Gerald Ford. Keep the Enterprise name
79 RyonOlson I'd love to see CVN-80 named Enterprise. I could not stand to see the Navy just give up on a name that has had so much meaning for the last 70 years.
80 CameronSaylor I know these petitions rarely work. And I would have never considered signing one. That is until I saw this. Men and women of the USN that may read this,keep this tradition alive. If only for the sake of honoring the brave sailors of the old "Big E"
81 JayCrespo The name "Enterprise" has had a long history in our Navy. We need the "Big E" to stay in the fight to protect our Freedom and navigation of the seas.
82 GabeRienks My Grandfather served on the Big E during WW2 and he always spoke of her with pride. The naming tradition should continue.
83 ClintonJones The USS Enterprise at one time was our only battle ready carrier, but her dedicated crew kept her in the fight. What a shame it would be if some politicians kept her out now. The Enterprise is the spirit to fight even amidst overwhelming odds.
84 BenFetter  
85 MichaelMann  
86 HARRYYEE It's utter nonsense, naming these ships after politicians.Politicians by there nature are corrupt.Lets hope after Decomm, the next new carrier will be named USS Enterprise.
87 GinaSmith  
88 BRIANRAFN How can the fleet sail against China or Russia without the Big E
89 ScottLandry The Navy must keep the name Enterprise alive; and I second the notion that we should not name warships after politicians.
90 ChristopherMcAree As the big E retires it is only right that the next generation are able to serve such a noble history for the future.
91 KevinDavis  
92 SamFerguson The USN has always had and always should have a ship named Enterprise!
93 ScottHiatt There should always be an Enterprise in the Navy.
94 LesterAnderson  
95 StevenThum  
96 MatthewVersluis There should always be A USS Enterprise in service with the USN.
97 CalebIm The Navy must have a USS Enterprise! That is a given and the tradition must continue
98 ChristopherVann The name Enterprise is a legendary name for carriers. One of the best carriers in the world should bear the name.
99 ErnieO'Connor  
100 MichaelEstes The Navy needs to have an Enterprise in the fleet at all times, to stay connected to it's history.