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Signatures for Petition to name CVN-80 the USS Enterprise

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101 EdwardDownum May CVN-80 carry the proud tradition of the name ENTERPRISE far into the 21st century.
102 RhianHibner In the interest of tradition, CVN-80 should be named Enterprise.
103 BrianElliott I feel that the name of the most decorated warship in US naval history should live on beyond its immediate successor.
104 LarryStovall The history of the name 'Enterprise' in American service should make CVN-80's eventual name an obvious choice.
105 DaveGordon I'm a submariner, and the term "fish don't vote" changed forever the naming of all future subs--and carriers for that matter. Navy tradition needs to veer away from the political. "Enterprise" needs to live on!
106 ralphmelillo  
107 JamesWells There must always be an Enterprise
108 DanielJones  
109 WilliamPatterson The Navy is not the Navy without an Enterprise to lead the way.
110 JoshRogers It should be law that there must always be an Enterprise
111 AndrewChobaniuk  
112 ChristopheMaes the uss enterprise, is my favorite ship ever
113 RyanKennedy The Navy would not be the same without an Enterprise.
114 MichaelDudas There should always be a "USS Enterprise" as part of our fleet and to celebrate our nautical heritage.
115 Thomas A.Owen America should always lead with enterprise
116 LukeHong  
117 Capt. Jean LucPicard Let us make sure history never forgets the name...ENTERPRISE!!!
118 JustusLogan My great uncle was a backseater on a dive bomber from CV-6 and i can think of no better way to carry on his memory.Let us honor the brave souls on CV-6 who saved us from losing ww2 instead of some no name politician!
119 RayAgnew Some traditions must simply go on.
120 ZedPusley It's either USS Enterprise or USS Bank of America. I choose the first.
121 JeremyChristie Keep the name alive.
122 Benjamin PTveidt The name Enterprise runs through our American blood as much as the air of freedom enters our lungs. Not maintaining the tradition of having an Enterprise in the fleet is as bad as forgetting our history...make it so...name 80 Enterprise.
123 MichaelCrotteau Can't really think of a better name to give a ship than the Big E.
124 JackCollins There is an unfortunate trend in the US of naming most carriers after recent politicians rather than heroes (exceptions: Washington, Lincoln, perhaps Nimitz, etc) or storied names (Enterprise,Hornet or Yorktown,Wasp,America which went to lesser vessels)
125 DavidBeach Long Live Enterprise!
126 NathanKreeger Give us another Big E
127 RussellJohnson This is a great idea!
128 ChristianAsbill Given the endurance of the name "Enterprise," both in the history of the United States Navy and in fiction, it is only proper that the legacy of Enterprise continues, with CVN-80 as the ninth vessel to bear the name.
129 DavidJacobowitch  
130 AlastairBarbour It's such a great name for a ship and tradition in the USN to have a vessel named as such.
131 CharlesWilson III Enterprise is the proudest name a ship in our navy can be given. It is only good and proper to bestow this name upon our newest and most powerful ships. Do not break,but continue the proud and honorable tradition of this name.
132 MatthewRohrbaugh With the impending decommisioning of the current USS Enterprise there MUST be a new USS Enterprise in the USN fleet! What kind of US Navy would there be without the single most famous name an American Navy Ship ever had???
133 StanleyGriswold  
134 JamesEllington If we forget our past we lose our future. Keep her Alive for the future generations to remember and admire.
135 SalvatoreMineo A fleet without a ship called Enterprise? I hope for this new flagship. Ciao, from Italy!
136 DavidKlande The Enterprise is a world-renowned ship and one of the most prestigious vessels in the world. It would be very sad for the Navy not to have an Enterprise amongst it's flagships.
137 JoshuaDworkin No more ships named after politicans.
138 RobertTedder The US navy should not be without a carrier named Enterprise!
139 MichaelWisner  
141 RonNelson CVN-80 ENTERPRISE
142 ChrisBarylski The best and the brightest of the fleet must be named Enterprise.
143 JohnBebout Since before the creation of this country, there has been a ship named Enterprise defending her. It is tragic that it will be at least 10 years without an Enterprise. CVN-80 must be named Enterprise!
144 DValyo Name this new tip of the spear after those who have sailed in valor under the name Enterprise before her- and end the practice of having the sailors of the 21st Century sailing on ships named for politician's egotrips.
145 TedProphet Tradition dictates that the fleet have an Enterprise.
146 TylerBrandon Stop naming ships after politicians. Go back to traditional names. The United States Navy needs and Enterprise. Name CVN-80 Enterprise.
147 TaraWoodside Start using traditional names again like Enterprise, Ranger, and Saratoga.
148 KeithStramaglia Just do it, we need a Enterprise on the water!!!!!
149 matthewbocker There has to be an Enterprise in the US Navy. It's the best name and it carries on a tradition that should not be broken.
150 MichaelOlson  
151 JerryVan de Vyver A ship named "Enterprise" has been in the Navy family since the beginning of the U.S. Navy. It would be a sad day if Americans were to forget our heritage. What better way to keep history alive than to name CVN-80, "USS Enterprise".
152 MichaelCullum  
153 RonFreeman Please keep the USS Enterprise name and legendary history alive. The U.S. Navy would not be the same with a USS Enterprise. I served aboard her and would love to see another ship with her name.
154 ChristopherEvans  
155 JeremyCarson  
156 JeffreyKempker There must always be an Enterprise
157 willbride Has to be name the Enterprise for long history of past enterprises as always be the first of everythings.
158 AaronFess There must always be an Enterprise!
159 GeraldGoodwin Jr. It's only right that the outgoing Enterprise have a fitting replacement of the same name.
160 DaveWinfree  
161 DanWright CVN-80 should be named 'Enterprise', and can we stop naming capital ships after politicians??? There should always be a USS Enterprise, but names like Ranger, Saratoga, Lexington, Yorktown, Hornet, Essex, and the others should not be forgotten either.
162 BruceBaker There should always be Enterprise in the USN, after the way CV-6 was treated this should not even be a question......or a petition.... CVN 80 USS Berry Goldwater that doesn't even sound right
163 JoeFlint  
164 AnthonyBroome We need to make sure that history never forgets the name Enterprise. CVN-80 = USS Enterprise. Make it happen!
165 JuliaWarren Keep the Enterprise alive!
166 russelltodd Please name CVN80 USS Enterprise How can the Navy go with out a Enterprise
167 PATRICKREILLY Enough of naming warships after politicians! ENTERPRISE is a revered name Navy history. It MUST continue. She has a legacy (as does CV-6!!) that FAR outweighs ANY politician. Stop the Nonsense and Let "Big E" live on. Then you can name CVN 81 LEXINGTON
168 JerroldCrawford ENTERPRISE, the name says it all!
169 StephenMortimer IF there is going to be one..... Certanly not - "Bush jnr"
170 LouFerrao USS Enterprise has major naval importance in our navy's history. We cannot and shall not allow the name Enterprise fade into the sunset. Naming our warships for politicians is demeaning to our naval forces. Keep history alive!
171 jonDonald Don't let there not be an Enterprise carrier in our Fleet.....
172 VFoster Name CVN-80 the USS Enterprise !!!
173 TimRomano The Big 'E' is a part of US Navy history. What's the navy without an Enterprise?
174 davidromagnola  
175 PhillipBarlow Enterprise is to the US Navy as Ark Royal is to the Royal Navy - the poster girl, the name everyone knows. The Royal Navy has lost its poster girl. Our American compadres should not follow suit.
176 Carlo GiovanniTolentino The US Navy is not the same without the Big-E in its fleet
177 LarryRoach I'm sick of naming capital ships after unworthy politicians. CVN-80 MUST be Enterprise, and after that let us have Saratoga, Lexington, Oriskany, Ranger, etc.
178 daltonberg i agree but the CV65 will most likely be a museum CV80 should be USS Arizona. The first carrier to be named after a state.
179 RichHoule Enough of naming carriers after presidents and politicians. Enterprise must be returned to the fleet.
180 CalebVinyard It wouldn't be a fleet without an Enterprise
181 KennethCook Get away from naming ships for politicans. There should always be an Enterprise, Yorktown, Lexington, Saratoga, Hornet and Wasp in the carrier fleet.
182 ClarkPerks The U.S. Navy should always have a ship named Enterprise.
183 TimMaier T8
184 LeonardFerrell  
185 EricSmith  
186 MatthewMinner CV-6 The most decorated warship in US history. The Japanese claimed to have sunk her THREE separate times. She ended up in a scrapyard for her trouble. The name Enterprise has been with the Navy since the beginning. Keep the tradition, respect the Legend.
187 ShamikChakraborty The Enterprise has served proudly in the US Navy for almost 100 years. This tradition deserves to continue. Due to a strong cultural awareness the Enterprise name allows the general public to better relate to the US Navy via the Enterprise name.
188 JamieCarney, R.N.  
189 JohnRoberts The "Big E" should always stand ready
190 PatLopez  
191 DevonMcCormack we'll always need and Enterprise, it's been like that since the Revolution
192 RobertGalloway  
193 AlexGibson Please honor the legacy of the ships that have gone before and the thousands of men and women who have served aboard the Enterprise.
194 MichaelBidoli There should always be an Enterprise in the fleet.
195 ChristopherStephens  
196 LeonardLemmond  
197 ItaiSchechter  
198 DanaCharbonneau it would be a shame to let such a grand tradition falter
199 danieldove USS Enterprise forever.
200 RichardPadwick USS Enterprise is a historic name, this ship (CVN-80) needs to continue this tradition by being named Enterprise.