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Signatures for Petition to name CVN-80 the USS Enterprise

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201 BradAlvarez Enterprise is the way to go
202 GarrettGreenblatt Please name CVN 80 Enterprise.
203 RyanCasalino  
204 JoshuaDulaney There must always be a USS Enterprise.
205 RoyBell Just as the American Eagle is the symbol of American freedom and strength, The name Enterprise should always be a name that represents US Naval power.
206 RobertHalloran There should ALWAYS be an Enterprise in the fleet.
207 RandyCompton Let history never forget the name ENTERPRISE
208 DanielGnagy  
209 JamieMinieri  
210 JoeGulle  
211 JeffHoltz There should always be a ship in the US Navy with the proud name of Enterprise.
212 StephenFender  
213 JohnBodensteiner What would the US navy be without a ship called Enterprise. Some of the proudest moments of the US Navy's history contains the name Enterprise.
214 matthewsroka there must be a Enterprise in the U.S. Navy at all times!! to strike fear onto a enemy that knows history, for history knows ENTERPRISE
215 DanFarthing Nothing beats the name, "Enterprise," on a massive ship. We have to always have an Enterprise in the fleet.
216 AndrewWilliams USS Enterprise CVN-80 sounds great to me.I agree:no more naming ships after politicians.Go back to naming them Lexington,Saratoga,Yorktown,Enterprise,Hornet,Wasp,Essex,etc.No more politically motivated names.Thank you.
217 PaulKemna There should always be a ship named Enterprise
218 BillClements It's a Navy Tradition!
219 ChrisWeir There should always be a U.S.S. Enterprise!
220 DeronCastle  
221 MARKSEELE Enterprise is the United States.
222 JustinWoolwine  
223 AdamRichardson  
224 SamuelDennis  
225 mikevarboncoeur to boldly go...
226 AnthonySmith Fate protects fools, little children, and ships named Enterprise
227 DuaneBingman  
228 BruceBookout Make it so.
229 RajBalasingam  
230 MikeLong The name Enterprise is one of the longest traditions in the US Navy. With the loss of so many of our traditions these days it is my great hope that this is one tradition that does not end.
231 KevinBrent CVN 80 ENTERPRISE!!
232 RobertMyers To whom it may concern: I think naming CVN-80, the U.S.S. Enterprise would be an incredible gesture to the memory of a ship and her crew that literally saved the United States in WWII!! I think this wonderful honor is richly deserved! Thank you!
233 ER  
234 BrianChang There should always be an enterprise
235 RobertBrunn  
236 HarryHollins III  
237 JayPenwell  
238 AlanSearle I may be English, but it still interests me, you must name her Enterprise.
239 MarkMoody  
240 ChristopherVander Linden  
241 DirkLimberg As Captain Kirk said: There will ALWAYS be one Enterprise.
242 EricLenorovitz  
243 MarkFreeman The legend must continue. For the mighty "Big E" CV-6, the greatest CV of all time. For the mighty CVN-65, the longest-serving CV of all time. CVN-80 MUST be named "USS Enterprise."
244 dberg Please no more politicians! The only people should be presidents or war heroes. There should always be a Big E.
245 StephenHill Hi, I love the Gerald R. Ford class carriers! It would be so nice to see the cvn 80 be named the USS Enterprise. Please name it that! Thanks, Stephen Hill
246 BrendanChiesa Enterprise must always be the name of America's most elite vessel which mean a carrier.
247 AdamRosalky  
248 CharlesSeese  
249 RonaldFarris  
250 AlexKirk There should always be Enterprise!
251 BentonMurphy  
252 MarcCarney Enterprise has always been at the forefront of the Naval tradition since the Revolutionary war.
253 PatrickBurke The Navy should always have a ship named Enterprise. She was the most decorated vessel in WW2. The Big "E" tradition lived on in CVN-65 and should continue in CVN-80.
254 PhilippeRobert-Staehler A Navy without an Enterprise would a sad thing indeed. Is history no longer significant?
255 KevinKarnopp  
256 austingiacco  
257 EnzaGiacco  
258 AnthonyGiacco Jr  
259 johneichorn you can't get rid of the Big E!
260 DonRush The name Enterprise has had a long history in the United States. There should always be a USS Enterprise in the United States Navy.
261 RyanBurke Enterprise is a name too famous and distinguished to fall into disuse.
262 CarlOdom I am a Trek geek but also served on USS Enterprise with VA-94. I was so honor to serve in the U S Navy and on Enterprise. Lets make sure history never forgets Enterprise.
263 scottblaske Wouldn't be the U.S. Navy without an Enterprise in the fleet. SHRIKES
264 RobertRuddick The new aircraft carriers should honor those of the past. No more naming them after politicians. CVN-80 should be Enterprise. Next ones should be Lexington, Saratoga, Yorktown, Hornet, Wasp etc.
265 WilliamKothe Ike sailor, keep navy traditions alive CVN80 USS Enterprise
266 ChadJohnson There should always be a USS Enterprise in the US Navy. It is a proud name that reflects the naval traditions and history of the United States.
267 PaulByrne  
268 IanSmith The name Enterprise has emotional resonance with the public and the ships that have borne its name are distinguished and honored. The Navy wouldn't be the same without an Enterprise!
269 BobMiller I cannot see the U.S. Navy without a U.S.S. Enterprise in the fleet. The tradition must be continued.
270 ronlund  
271 AnthonyStern  
272 matthewvanbenschoten There has been an active Enterprise in the US and Royal navies for almost 500 years.
273 AndrewCochran The name Enterprise has a long, proud tradition in naval tradition, particularly in US naval tradition. We need to keep the name in use.
274 KellenMaicher There must always be an Enterprise at the ready...
275 FJ Wherever it enters, it always obtains the prize.
276 craigwilson KEEP Enterprise in the fleet!
277 RobertMiller It would be a sin not to have a carrier named "Enterprise" in our fleet!
278 BrianPotter  
279 ArtSedighi We should always have an enterprise that is battle ready
280 ThunderLevin  
281 MatthewBennett A proud name from a long tradition of service. From Lieutenant Andrew Sterett's command of a small schooner named USS Enterprise launched in 1799 to the "Big E" now ensuring the safety of the world's waterways, the next ship MUST carry this proud name.
282 LarryMeans  
283 John MVarry With the honorable combat record of the name Enterprise, there needs to be a USS Enterprise for future generations.
284 AllenConiglio  
285 KennethClark Hope they don't scrap this one like they did the last one.
286 ChristopherMcIntyre There's no name in the history of the US Navy, including USS Constitution, that embodies exactly what the fleet is all about like that of USS Enterprise. Tradition, honor, service, loyalty & dedication...the fleet should not be without an Enterprise!
287 PatrickFarley There should always be a U.S.S. Enterprise in the United States Navy. It is too historic a name to not use.
288 DavidPerkins As long as we have large deck carriers we must have a USS Enterprise
289 NeydaMaldonado  
290 LouisNeal III It should be named USS Enterprise-C since we already had CV-6 and CVN-65, but we do want to keep the memory of CV-6 alive if we could.
291 MikeSchatz With no Enterprise there is no navy
292 MatthewKurtz The Enterprise is our Navy's Ark Royal. There should always be one in the fleet!
293 DaleWagner There should always be a USS Enterprise in the US Navy.
294 SteveNichols Name CVN 80 USS Enterprise. It is a great name to keep commisisoned in the U.S. Navy.
295 ScottWittmann My grandfather served on cv-6.
296 TomWoolman  
297 RobertNeidlinger The name should conintue.
298 PhillioRozinski  
299 JackFoster  
300 lewiscalihan There must be an Enterprise!