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2401 DustinBrown There should ALWAYS be a USS Enterprise in the US Navy.
2402 DaveLewisen  
2403 Gregde Mocskonyi This is a no brainer. Why is it even an issue?
2404 SteveEckhouse The name Enterprise brings to mind long and faithful service in American history. This history should continue.
2405 TJBryant. Keep thisproud national tradition alive so there will be a Big E underway or showing the flag in foreign ports. I shudder to think of there being, if current naming fad continues, a USS Nancy Pelosi...
2406 ChrisStorey Certain names ring throughout history, and given its great service, the Enterprise should be one of them.
2407 RobertoAlvelais  
2408 DougNash Let's do something different for a change - actually stick with tradition! So let's name the CVN-80 the U.S.S. Enterprise!
2409 MattBenson There must always be an Enterprise.
2410 brianbolognese  
2411 DerekVickery  
2412 MichaelParson It's one of those names that should always be part of the fleet.
2413 TomOlson CVN-80 should hold us over until we have a spacecraft named Enterprise.
2414 MikeEvans There should always be an Enterprise! No living politicians need apply. These names should really mean something.............
2415 JimMuskett There must be an Enterprise in the Fleet. Dispense with the naming of aircraft carriers or any other vessel after politicians.
2416 DaveHill There should alwasy be a Enterprise in the Fleet.
2417 CurtHankammer There must always be an Enterprise in the Fleet! We must also return to the Naval tradition of naming ships. No more politicians, period.
2418 douglaspowell there should always be a lucky E in the u.s. navy
2419 SteveSmith  
2420 BrendanGrant  
2421 GeoffHindmarsh Honor the sailors of the past and let the name Enterprise continue on a new ship.
2422 DanDennis There must always be an Enterprise in the USN. Another commenter said it best - "Let's make sure history never forgets the name Enterprise."
2423 CoreyDeDolph Using the name of the most decorated aircraft carrier from WWII is more appropriate than any politician's name
2424 KCJones  
2425 BenJensen Honoring a great ship should take precedence over any politician. USS Enterprise all the way!
2426 JohnBrown  
2427 BernardRoan The most honored name on the rolls of US warships, each on with a worthy history of her own -- there must always be an ENTERPRISE
2428 ScottBigger  
2429 CharlesBlossom There should always be the USS Enterprise.
2430 WilliamYochum  
2431 LeeVentura  
2432 MatthewMcGinn The only correct and honorable name for our next CVN.
2433 BenjaminDel Ponte Enterprise has a history of ships..Let's keep it going.
2434 AlanFelty Wouldn't Be Right Not To Have A Ship In The Fleet That Isn't Named The USS ENTERPRISE...
2435 RolandoEspiritu The USA should always have an Enterprise in the fleet.
2436 MarkTaylor  
2437 ToddHall  
2438 LeroyOrtiz Do not let us go without an Enterprise.
2439 DaleCanton  
2440 DoloresRegino  
2441 MichaelPorsche USN vet. My comment is what most of above commentors have said so well.
2442 jamesdisalvo While we're at it, how about naming the ones after that Constellation, Lexington, Yorktown, Saratoga, Hornet, Midway, and Coral Sea.
2443 JoeRinaldi The US Navy should never be without a USS Enterprise!
2444 GregNelson USS Enterprise yes. Politician, never again.
2445 DavidRoy I agree that there should always be an Enterprise in the US Navy.
2446 MichaelTaylor There should always be an Enterprise.
2447 AlShabbah America should *always* have a USS Enterprise in her fleet! May almighty God bless America, keep her, and protect her!
2448 JeffRucker I served aboard the USS Enterprise CVN 65, The US Navy would not be the same without a ship with that name.
2449 ScottyLane  
2450 DaveClark Let's return to naming carriers after honorable battles rather than weak politicians.
2451 GeorgeHall Tradition.
2452 jeffpendleton there should always be an Enterprise, ready to go into harms way.
2453 MattWilson  
2454 RobertLarson The only name for CVN80 that makes sense
2455 RichardBurgess There should always be a USS Enterprise in the U.S. Navy.
2456 KStec  
2457 BartletteCheatham  
2458 JoeBarefoot Keep the name alive on another great ship.
2459 TyroneKeys The name Enterprise has a proud history and should be allowed to continue.
2460 WilliamBliss  
2461 MattDonovan Tradition to the name Enterprise please. To those who have fought and died to protect us while on-board.
2462 PedarBerg  
2463 DavidAllen USS Enterprise is a legendary name in the USN. We should always have such a proud legacy within the fleet.
2464 JimBennett Keep the Enterprise name alive.
2465 EdmundHack  
2466 GuySochor Retired Sailor here. Yeah, let's carry on the tradition, and keep the name alive!
2467 JohnHurley  
2468 davidgoforth  
2469 MarkCalvert  
2470 JamesEnsler  
2471 JoeScalera  
2472 BrandonLerch The right thing to do.
2473 GarretWilliford  
2474 LaniDarrow There should always be an USS Enterprise in the service of this countries navy.
2475 StevenEgli  
2476 LeeBarrows Commision a new Enterprise CVN. Not another gator-freighter ripoff like you did with the America.
2477 WilliamTate Definitely. Hard to imagine my navy without a ship named Enterprise and how about Saratoga for CVN81.
2478 HarveyWalsh Stop naming capital ships for politicians. There are few enough of them that we can keep some of the storied names from the past alive an in the fleet.
2479 EarlLusk  
2480 ReneeMead  
2481 L.Blackmon There should not even be a minute's debate on this.
2482 MichaelCasey There should always be an Enterprise.
2483 BarryDysart Naval aviator 1968-1996 with 12 traps on CVN-65.
2484 RonFox Then, after that, name the next one the "Constellation". And never name a ship after a politician again.
2485 AshleyWesson I agree with someone else on this petition: There should always be an Enterprise in the United States Navy.
2486 DanHendrix ...
2487 TerranceCognata did a deployment on the BIG "E"
2488 MichaelStajduhar Please end the shameful practice of naming warships after living politicians. This must end.
2489 KennethJames We need a USS Enterprise in our fleet!
2490 JohnMiner No matter what happens, the Enterprise Is and always Will be the Flagship of the US fleet.
2491 JeffreyHollen I was saddened that the Space Shuttle Enterprise never made it into space, though perhaps some day... Still, we can and should certainly keep the name alive in the fleet, especially a carrier.
2492 MichaelHolmes  
2493 DaveSolle Let the legacy of the Enterprise continue to grow.
2494 ChrisKemberling An honorable Navy ship name.
2495 GrahamPowell  
2496 WilliamMorrison Two aircraft carriers named Enterprise served with greater than usual distinction yet neither has been or will ne saved. Therefore, there should always be an aircraft carrier named USS Enterprise in the US Navy
2497 JohnKernkamp Keep the names of our ships meaningful, respectful, and intimidating.
2498 EricChandler  
2499 LouisPapera  
2500 KarenTaylor