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2501 MichaelGordy Keep the tradition alive!!!
2502 BruceKirk Keep the tradition alive. My father served on the Enterprise in the 1950's.
2503 BobShank ALWAYS have an Enterprise!
2504 DavidGreene It is inconceivable to have a Navy with no aircraft carrier named Enterprise. The name Enterprise is as glorious and historical as the Constitution. The lineage of the Big-E must go on. We owe it to CV-6 and CVN-65 and all the brave souls who served.
2505 MichaelCummings Please return sanity and honor to the naming of our beloved ships.
2506 PeterAdams  
2507 ChuckDeJan The Navy will always need a ship named "Enterprise".
2508 PhyllisWalton  
2509 JerrettFarmer This is a great idea!
2510 jimpereira  
2511 SteveFeinstein  
2512 NormGraham  
2513 DavidRusnak esu
2514 DanielBrewster Great idea.
2515 AndrewBeaudet Make it so number one.
2516 JohnAdkins  
2517 KeithStanford Yes, please name CVN-80 the USS Enterprise!
2518 DanielChrist There should always be an Enterprise
2519 DonaldWatson  
2520 NealHoward To not have a USN capital ship named Enterprise in the fleet is downright un-American!
2521 WadeTomczyk Please for all that is Holy name it U.S.S. Enterprise just on tradition alone before the Left screams for "The One".
2522 JaniceStuessi We will always need the USS Enterprise.
2523 DaleParker  
2524 BillHall The history is to rich not to carry this name on.
2525 KurtPolenz The Enterprise has become a name associated strength and resolve. Our next carrier should be something with a proud history rather than some politician.
2526 LeeMcCrea The name should go on the new carrier CVN-80.
2527 Eugene (Gene)Paul I'm a former crewmember from 1976 - 1979. I still remember her dome on the box island superstructer which was removed. It really took away from the ships looks and personality.Tradition always a Ship named USS Enterprise should be on watch. CVN 80.
2528 PaulAkers  
2529 candanceagregaard Where would we the USA be without enterprise?
2530 JohnKotoski Some traditions are worth keeping.
2531 RobertLeemhuis Free Enterprise, the foundation of the nation
2532 TommyThompson  
2533 PhillipOriol Make it so!
2534 BillDavidson There should always be a carrier named Enterprise period.
2535 MarkWeatherup Having served aboard USS Coral Sea, Independence and Ranger, I feel our next flagship is best named Enterprise.
2536 CharlesErickson  
2537 Mark AllenKaminski For those who've gone before.
2538 CoreyWitte There should always be a USS Enterprise in the fleet!
2539 RichFerree The first Enterprise was commissioned before the Declaration of Independence. The third Enterprise went to the "Shores of Tripoli". The US Navy without an Enterprise in it will have a gaping hole.
2540 JerryDelaney I would like to petition that CVN-80 be named USS Enterprise
2541 GregoryBash  
2542 RickSchottenstein Enterprise is a name that will make our enemies pause before challenging us
2543 danielhynes We should always have an "Enterprise", even when we go galactic.
2544 JenniferRoss It can't be the United States Navy without the USS Enterprise! Proud daughter of a veteran!
2545 StuartShannon The Big Easy should always be afloat.
2546 DavidHurst What they said.
2547 ToddAtchison  
2548 Clairede Mocskonyi  
2549 JaymieClayton Keep the names memorable and based on American heritage and those who spent their lives protecting it.
2550 robroy "Enterprise" is the one word needed to convey a history. People that hear that name know it should be respected. It just sounds like a BOSS!!!
2551 DeanDoba  
2552 KortneySmith Let the "Big E" carry on into the 21st Century.
2553 WilliamsThomas  
2554 RickTaylor My Dad served on Enterprise in WWII. I would like to see the name and tradition continue on a new carrier of the same name.
2555 BrendanMurphy  
2556 edortiz I served on the Big E 1972 to 1977. Enterprise name is a tradition in the US Navy and should be continued. CVN65: 'the first and the finest'
2557 JaneKane  
2558 CarlosCisneros Only an Aircraft Carrier can carry on the great name,and the USN should never be without a USS Enterprise. The Big E must live on.
2559 AlexanderSloan Always have an Enterprise!!!
2560 RodAnderson As a former instructor in naval history, I am embarrassed by our tendency to name capital ships after politicians (and living ones at that). Many battles, noted personnel, and older ships should have higher priority.
2561 DennisBelcher There must always be an Enterprise afloat bearing the Stars and Stripes. ALWAYS.
2562 MichaelMelina It's fitting to name the latest and greatest new Super-Carrier CVN80 Enterprize in honor of "Big E" who protected us for almost 50 years.
2563 ElizabethSochurek  
2564 stevenschaefers give us Enterprise or give us death
2565 BobMattson Engage!
2566 KenLaCrosse  
2567 MatthewBrier There should always be a USS Enterprise
2568 WalterGuerrero This needs to happen...
2569 georgelukes  
2570 BrianHershberger  
2571 MichaelLyster Enterprise should not be laid to rest: only the vessel that now carries the name. For the Navy to choose a different name, unless it is Reliant, Victory, or another name appropriate to the USN is a disgrace to our nation and our naval servicemen.
2572 MarkNelson  
2573 HenrikTemp  
2574 GarethOldaker  
2575 ShiraMarcure Go boldly, name it the enterprise
2576 MichaelWallace Name 80 Enterprise, 81 Yorktown, 82 Lexington, 83 Hornet, 84 Saratoga, etc. Start naming Naval vessels properly!! Not after living politicians!!
2577 ScottShenberger The Navy must always have a Big E patrolling the worlds oceans.
2578 MichaelCooner From the Barbary Pirates to Guadalcanal. From the Tonkin Gulf to the Persian Gulf. "Enterprise" IS the United States Navy past, present and future! Don't sell the soul of a great ship to suck up to some politician.
2579 SteveLangenbeck  
2580 RoccoFiloso  
2581 GregHarris  
2582 RobHard The Enterprise has always been a decisive entry into projecting and protecting America's freedoms. Let us continue with that fine tradition by naming 80 with that honorable name.
2583 AaronNeal Maintain tradition. Keep the Enterprise.
2584 WoodyFloria I would support maintaining a U. S.S. Enterprise in the fleet!!
2585 JonathanBrown Enterprise was a fine ship, and has been a mainstay name in the fleet. Let it be reborn with CVN-80.
2586 CarlJohnson There have been 8 ships named Enterprise.....let's continue the name USS Enterprise....a strong, proud tradition! CVN-80---USS ENTERPRISE!
2587 RobertSpeanburgh My entire life has been protected by the USS Enterprise. Throughout history, the Navy has had an Enterprise. I cannot imagine going forwards without one.
2588 MarkMachala This Lady has earned her continued place at the forefront of our continued history. The 'Big E' should remain at the tip of the spear.
2589 JohnClay One of the most honored names in US Naval history. The "Big E" must always be present. Fair winds and following seas Enterprise
2590 JohnPenn  
2591 EricMertz Yes, can we please go back to the old traditions? Ship names in WWII told you exactly what kind of ship you were dealing with. Transferring the States from Battleships to Boomers makes sense, but not much else does.
2592 BenjaminVaughan Go Navy!
2593 JasonSulzbach There is no better choice, Ronald Reagan is taken.
2594 RichardHayes I agree, name the next carrier the USS Enterprise and for goodness sake, quit naming ships after politicians.
2595 JohnWoodruff There have been many U.S. Navy capital ships bearing the proud name "Enterprise". CV-80 should be the next in a long, honored line.
2596 DaisyGarcia We will always need a USS Enterprise.
2597 BrianWolf  
2598 TomRyan  
2599 TimothyNewcomb An 'Enterprise' fired the first shot of the Barbary Wars, CV-6 was the most decorated warship in US history and CVN-65 was the world's first nuclear aircraft carrier. We can't let this honored name die. CVN-80 = USS Enterprise!
2600 BobH I like the idea of using names that represent the values that make our nation great (i.e. Enterprise or Independence), or use names that honor famous / decisive military victories (i.e. Yorktown, Normandy, Saratoga, or Midway). As to naming ships after pe