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2601 JeffStidham  
2602 NickMarinelli I agree, there should always be a USS Enterprise in the Navy's fleet.
2603 RandyWilde Keep the Big E name going!
2604 AndrewRamirez  
2605 AndyBonkowski The name Enterprise is now a standard. I do not want to see the navy naming our ship after living people. EVER. It's not right and puts too much emphasis on current political battles.
2606 JoeJenkins The Legacy of the Enterprise should live on in the naming of the newest of the fleet as Enterprise. I like the idea of a memeorial in her honor as well.
2607 JamesBlack There has always been an Enterprise and should always BE an Enterprise.
2608 MichaelKaskey  
2609 DavidWallace  
2610 GregWoodrow The insanity has to stop!
2611 BenjaminWinters Keep the Enterprise tradition!
2612 PaulFerbrache  
2613 LaurenGolden  
2614 kenclarke  
2615 NormanChambers Yes...we need to remember our past-and be proud of it!
2616 ThomasSmith If we cannot name ships for our great naval victories then, then our virtues will do.
2617 CJDuBois  
2618 JonathanEhman  
2619 wayneroth Enterprize or Arizona or The Pearl, but no politicians, dead or alive.
2620 SeanBurgess  
2621 JamesYost It' the right thing to do.
2622 DavidTerhune  
2623 BryanLovely Stop naming ships after politicians. Then stop naming ships after Secretaries of the Navy. While we still have carriers, they should honor the Navy's history by recycling names like Lexington, Saratoga, Wasp, Hornet. Or Enterprise.
2624 SMacKenzie No more naming ships after living politicians.
2625 PatWoods Never name a ship for Obama!
2626 NicholasWoodfield It wouldn't be the same without an active ship named Enterprise in the fleet.
2627 RichardDurden  
2628 GregoryBurch I was on a destroyer that escorted The Big E in Vietnam. We also escorted a lot of other fine carriers. There should always be a ship of the US Navy with the name Enterprise!
2629 WillChane onreop turned,
2630 RossRogers  
2631 WilliamPenn There must always be an Enterprise. The Navy will not be the same without one.
2632 ThomasSavino Big E
2633 GregSebes In orbit,in deep space or at sea, there should always be a USS Enterprise on the active roster.
2634 RobertStock  
2635 StephenGallagher  
2636 CharlesKing The Navy is built on tradition!
2637 QuintonHarper  
2638 RichardMahler  
2639 ThomasEmanoff  
2640 BryanYates "You treat her like a lady, and she'll always bring you home."
2641 SteveHuish  
2642 AndyNevros There should always be an Enterprise in the fleet!!! Especially with the name's majestic history.
2643 MindyColeman I think that it would be really cool to name it the USS Enterprise for a variety of reasons. They are not as esteemed as others, but are important to me. I am a Star Trek fan and I graduated from Enterprise Academy.
2644 ScottBurnett I strongly support the naming of CVN 80 USS Enterprise
2645 NancyBiondo  
2646 DavidBoday Enterprise it is, and always should be.
2647 JanetEstep If Star Trek can keep naming new ships Enterprise why shouldn't the US Navy?!
2648 C AHite The US Navy should make it so and christen the CVN-80 USS Enterprise. A proud name like the Enterprise projects strength around the world. God bless the Republic!
2649 ButchMartz There must be a USS Enterprise.
2650 KevinDill  
2651 JeffSerdiuk  
2652 KerryMcCauley No living person should have a ship named after them.
2653 RobertMcAllister  
2654 KerryBarton CVN-80 Must be named the USS Enterprise fr the simple reason that it continues to honor those Navy veterans who served their country with honor.
2655 MartinTays There should always be a Big E. Please consider this. I ask as a Navy vet.
2656 chadbrown  
2657 JohnOrtmann It's just the right thing to do.
2658 AlexNelson  
2659 DanielClark Please revisit the policy of nameing military hardware after true heros and MILITARY actions as opposed to government buruercrats.
2660 NoahWilliams Enough of naming warships after politicians! ENTERPRISE is a revered name in Navy history. It MUST continue. She has a legacy (as does CV-6!!) that FAR outweighs ANY politician. Stop the Nonsense and Let "Big E" live on. Then you can name CVN 81 LEXINGTON
2661 DonaldHutchinson There should always be a "Big E" patroling the world's seas and maintaining the peace
2662 MarkKekeisen OK 3 Wire - (HAW) !!!
2663 DonaldHutchinson There should always be a "Big E" patroling the seas and maintaining the peace!
2664 BradTibbetts agree 100% my second choice would be USS Brad Tibbetts.
2665 JosephWilliams Enterprise is what makes America great. Honor it,and all the ships before and name the next CVN Enterprise!
2666 JohnGlabe  
2667 GaryBourbonais As other folks have pointed out, the tradition of the USS Enterprise should be carried on, in honor of the current ship, and a tradition in the minds of the American People......
2668 CharlotteAllen There should always be a navy ship named Enterprise.
2669 JohnDakin There should always be a carrier named Enterprise.
2670 CharlesSmith With the exception of the USS Constitution, no other ship has been more inspirational to our Navy's history than Enterprise. Please - name CVN 80 "Enterprise". Neither the US Navy nor StarFleet would be the same without her. Thank you.
2671 DonBowman  
2672 WendelPfefferkorn  
2673 MariannaBodnar  
2674 KarlKnight  
2675 SeanUdell  
2676 ericwallis  
2677 JohnFritchey Keep the History of such a great ship going!
2678 EvelynBodnar  
2679 HarrySmith I was on the Big E and I thank the next generation should have the same change.
2680 KevinBennett  
2681 LouiseBodnar  
2682 CECS GeraldMurphy  
2683 GaryGorka  
2684 KimPratt  
2685 CliftonMetcalf As those present at the commissioning of the new USS North Carolina know -- nearly in the shadow of her namesake -- continuing a proud ship's name honors the courage and dedication of all those who sailed her and sets a standard for the new crew.
2686 MikeLogdson Let there always be a USS Enterprise!
2687 JeffDorne USS Enterprise should always be replaced by a ship that will bare the same name.
2688 MichaelLuiz  
2689 ErikAnderson  
2690 TimHall The Navy won't be the same without Big E in the the fleet!
2691 LLoydBriggs Nothing would befitting her most Than USS Enterprize. The soul of theUnited States the sea.
2692 MichelleSites My husband is Retired Navy, served on the USS Tarawa. We both agree The Enterprise needs to continue in the Naval Fleet. I'd prefer to not have polititions names used, but if they must, then the names need to be of dead ones ONLY!
2693 LouieEleas  
2694 KenNiegel A historic ship name in reality and fiction. There should always be an Enterprise!
2695 brianplummer The name must go on
2696 JeffreyCarlson It would be a shame not to.
2697 MichaelBoone We must keep a ship of such importance sailing under the name of Enterprise.
2698 JasonHintz Llopis  
2699 MistyCrowe  
2700 StevenPotter