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301 BrianSchumacher With such a tremendous heritage behind the name Enterprise, it should be unthinkable for the US Navy to go without a ship bearing the name. With the decommissioning of the current Enterprise occurring soon, the CVN-80 needs to carry on the name.
302 AndrewSchoeman  
303 KevinIto  
304 JimSnow No more warships named after politicians! Regarddless of how popular they were large numbers of people voted afainst them. Name vessels after this Nation's famous battles & historic warships.
305 GarrettMoriguchi  
306 MiloWilliams There should always be an Enterprise in the US fleet.I think they should rename the Gerald Ford Enterprise instead as there is so much uncertainty in the budget these days.Perhaps they should leave the currrent Enterprise in service for 10 more years?
307 JohnCogswell The CV-6 was scrapped no good reason. The name Enterprise is as much legend and tradition as it is history. We cant let future generations forget this. There should be no question that the CVN-80 be named Enterprise.
308 SeanPhelps LONG LIVE THE BIG E!
309 CharlieSteenbuck  
310 SamuelBiddle  
311 DustinDenner Continue the legacy of the Enterprise. "Lets make sure history never forgets the name... Enterprise."
312 GaryBray  
313 TimOKeefe  
314 JohnGreene We must honor the line of great ships named Enterprise!
315 DanaEvans I'm sure the Navy recognizes the importance & tradition of having a ship named Enterprise, but I'm signing nonetheless!
316 StevenMajeski  
317 DarrylJanke Yes, important name to keep.
318 JamesStarosta  
319 KyleSneddy  
320 AdrianAsh Surely the Enterprise must live on...
321 JohnAsh Coolest.Name.Ever.
322 KevinSilva There must be a Enterprise defending our great country.
323 herberttoro jr a great ship should have a great name. enterprise is a legend in navel history and should continue to be the name of the symbol of americas strength!!! GO BIG E!
324 KennethSchoeni Enterprise should always be in the fleet. CV-6, CVN-65 - the spirit & legacy MUST continue.
325 AngelSantiago There should always be an "Enterprise" in the fleet.
326 SeanRodriguez I have two words for you: FLAGSHIP. ENTERPRISE!
327 ChristopherBlackmon  
328 williammurray there should always be an aircraft carrier in the U.S. NAVY named ENTERPRISE
329 JamesBurk  
330 ThomasEpps I think we've had too many ships named after politicians--lets make sure the name 'Enterprise' continues to sail in our fleet.
331 RichBowser  
332 MattCole The spirit of Enterprise has been imbued into the USN and reminds us of the quality of character that our military needs to uphold to protect the quality of conscience of democracy throughout the world.
333 garthburke from our first sailing ships during the coloinal times to our superpower title now. the UNITED STATES must maintain a ship with the name ENTERPRISE.
334 RichardKitterman There will always be an Enterprise!
335 PeterTarasiewicz  
336 JasonGates Long live the Enterprise!
337 CraigNewcomb Having served on CVN-65 for 5 years, there will always be an ENTERPRISE in the fleet!
338 TomRichardson the Enterprise is the most honored and glorious naval vessel of all time. what better way to honor it more than keep its legacy alive
339 JeremiahDriscoll  
340 DonatoMoscone There should always be an Enterprise, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
341 BarryGayheart The name Enterprise should always hold a significant place on a prominent ship. Do not disappoint, and make sure #80 is the next Big E.
342 terrencehousewright In a class of its own like CVN-65 is. Enterprise is name that has had nothing but pride and respect to all who hear and see it. With all respects to the Arizona. Leave the remains where they lie, and lets always remember it for what it stands for.
343 TerranceSteiner  
344 KirillRichardson  
345 ChristopherClarke A ship named Enterprise should always remain a part of the United States Navy. Long live the "Big E."
346 AndrewJordan The name Enterprise evokes the spirit of America and has come to signify her noblest goals. It is an inspiration for many, and the proud history of vessels carrying this name should continue.
347 JohnMartinez I strongly urge that the Navy uphold it's traditions by naming the next Aircraft Carrier CVN-80 the USS Enterprise. It is a fine way to remember those that served on all the previous USN Ships Named Enterprise.
348 TimothyVan Blaricom Please do not forget our past. Maintain the proud lineage. USS Enterprise CVN-80!
349 WayneThomason The USS Enterprise has a long standing record for excellence and has been a US Naval tradition since 1775. This is one Tradtion we need to keep alive. Very Respectfully, CTRC(SW) Wayne M Thomason, USN
350 PatrickNeel I think Enterprise would be a fitting name for the new carrier. There should always be an 'Enterprise' sailing among the high profile ships of the United States Navy.
351 IanPyett  
352 k.laine  
353 scottreu Don't let the Big E die.
354 John GavinWilcox Please allow the name Enterprise to continue to serve with distinction in the United States Navy.
355 DanielSmithson The name Enterprise has a long and storied history in the US Navy, and the name should continue with the next generation of aircraft carriers. Please name CVN-80 USS Enterprise.
356 jeffharris Keep the Enterprise alive and this be her 6th vessel
357 jameschlubna  
358 JeremyHall Please keep the spirit of the Enterprise alive. She has fought valiantly since World War 2, it would be a shame to have such spirit and honor lost. Thank you.
359 NathanielThomas A carrier named Enterprise must always be in the United States Navy! It's a name that means a lot to the American people!
360 SteveHayhurst We need a new Enterprise
361 IanSoltes There must always be a Enterprise!
362 CarolDotson  
363 MatthewWhitesides I Love Carriers, & USS Enterprise is no exception.There's 2 carriers named Enterprise in the US Navy.Why Not a Third USS Enterprise?Since the second one's Retireing from the navy,I'm signing it for her.
364 RichardLaFontaine Traditions need to be kept alive Please name CVN-80 the USS Enterprise. There has never been a time when there wasn't a USS Enterprise in our fleet. Make it so!
365 RyanWadle  
366 joshuakaufman Naming a ship Enterprise is a proud tradition in the United States, one that should be maintained.
367 GaryChristopher There should always be a carrier named "Enterprise" in the US Navy.
368 DavidStreet Let's keep this great name going
369 AliceButts  
370 Mark J.Roberts  
371 GMlockwood  
372 KevinWillis Enterprise is a vital part of our history! It also needs yo continue to be in our future!
373 SeanToole The Ship's name is a Legacy on its own, and The name Enterprise has been a Carriers name so it would make sense, plus we have always had an "Enterprise" in our fleet (at least since WWII)
374 JustinSantos US Navy and Enterprise forever!
375 JacobAlexander  
376 DianeWolford The Navy has a history with the Enterprise. It's vital we continue the tradition.
377 DanGriggs Time for the next in the line from CV6 to Present. We need a USS Enterprise
378 ChristopherEvans The Navy should always have an Enterprise. Not only that, we should name a series of ships named after the carriers of WW2.
379 MichaelDorsa We have to keep the tradition alive
380 BobbySasser NOTHING screams USA like USS Enterprise. Americas aircraft carrier!
381 NedDonovan There should always be an Enterprise
382 JiriTomek I am from Czech Republic. CVN-80 = Enterprise....
383 AnthonySilipena The name Enterprise should live on. Don't break a tradition on a great name for a great fighting vessel
384 BruceFong The legacy of the name "Enterprise" from the humble beginnings of the Revolutionary war through the legendary CV-6 and now the marvelously famous CVN-65 must be preserved in naval namesake. Enterprise is a symbol of strength, courage and the pride.
385 frankjohnson  
386 JanetJulien CVN-80 USS Enterprise MAKE IT SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
387 BrianBenzinger "Let's make sure history never forgets the name, Enterprise."
388 Josephgeary  
389 RaymondEdds  
390 DanErnst No name evokes the fighting spirit of the US Navy like the name USS Enterprise. Do it!
391 MarkAliberti Enterprise must live on anything else would be illogical.
392 TerryMcGraw There should always be an Enterprise! The most honored ship in all of American naval history. Its a name that should live forever in the U.S. Navy.
393 michaelmccauley As been mentioned, there should always be an Enterprise in the USN.
394 James Sparkman When the words 'USS Enterprise' give you goose bumps..........
395 WilliamDonovan The US navy is not complete with an Enterprise on the ocean!
396 JeffMalone Long Live Enterprise
397 BillImmel  
398 DanielHeald  
399 MikeLynaugh Please do not let CVN-65 be the last in this historic line of US Navy ships to bear the proud name, "Enterprise".
400 LindaPayne Enterprise Forever!