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3001 ShawnWallace Always... Always... A Big E in the Fleet.
3002 JohnEadie We need to keep The BIG E in the lists of name for our carriers. CVN 80 will be a fine ship to carry on the Enterprise name.
3003 JimD.  
3004 JamesKelly  
3005 AshleyMiller  
3006 DonFerguson US Carriers should be named Enterprise,Yorktown,Saratoga,Lexington,Hornet,Ranger,get the picture.
3007 CurtRussell  
3008 LISAOBRIEN Please, we must always have an 'Enterprise'. Thank you.
3009 DanielBorger  
3010 ChristineDwyer  
3011 W. DaleDietzman, CPO Second most important name in the Fleet, FATER the USS COnstitution.
3012 GregProvencher Got my first traps on the Big E
3013 CoreyHolton Lets get back to military History and Tradition.
3014 DavidMartin CV6 and CVN65 will be gone soon but the Enterprise tradition of greatness should continue for another 50 years!
3015 AprilOsborne  
3016 JasonArvidson There definitely needs to be an Enterprise in the fleet. Please commission CVN-80 as the USS Enterprise.
3017 AndrewMacomber There should always be an Enterprise!! Don't name it after partisan or obscure political figures!!!
3018 TravisWeger The name Enterprise has a deep and rich tradition in our Navy. Please keep it rolling forward.
3019 JamieHarrison  
3020 RichardLewis There should always be a ship named Enterprise. We should also stop naming ships after politicians, it's annoying.
3021 NealHallford There has always been, and should always be, an Enterprise in our naval force.
3022 JeffPollizzotto The Enterprise name is an icon!
3023 WesJernigan The Big E must continue. It is a long and proud tradition going back to the founding of this great country. This new class of carrier should be the Enterprise class.
3024 StevenJong  
3025 RaulQuiles We must never forget the name "Enterprise".
3026 KevinBrown  
3027 ArthurLaudenslager III This is a Navy and National heritage item that costs no extra money to preserve. Just do it.
3028 BobWalden The mission continues.......
3029 johnsmith we need an enterprise in the USN
3030 LissaMillspaugh  
3031 StevenCombs There should always be an Enterprise in the United States Navy. Since Lt. Stephen Decatur, the name Enterprise has been a name that has been an insperation throughout the history of the nation and it should be carried on.
3032 KimLockman This would be such a meaningful move. Please name CVN-80 the 'USS Enterprise'. Carry on the legacy of the first great ship.
3033 PaulWeiss  
3034 RyanSinor  
3035 JoseQuiles U.S.S. Enterprise and U.S.Navy A No Brainer.
3036 ThaiTran Star Trek, Anyone?
3037 VictoriaSample  
3038 VictorHenderson  
3039 RalphBakle please use Enterprise
3040 OsricBryant Jr The name Enterprise is one of the proudest names in the US Navy. USS Enterprise CV 6 earned 20 Battle Stars during World War Two making her the most decorated ship in naval history. CVN 65 has served our country proudly and with honor.
3041 GregRogers The name “Enterprise” has stood for all that is good and noble in the Navy since 1775. If excellence is the goal, and keeping history and tradition alive the foundation, then a flagship named “Enterprise” should always lead a Global Force for Good
3042 JohnGraveen  
3043 RodBorger Don't let it end............
3044 ChristaScott  
3045 JonathanSchwartz There is no US Navy, without the USS Enterprise...it's a testament to US Naval History, and the goal that the US Navy helps enforce - the betterment of all mankind, and freedom. Let her Boldly Go again....
3046 R. ReidBogie There must always be an Enterprise in the Fleet.
3047 mattsmith To decom this presigous vessell would be and should be a crime. We have always had one and we ALWAYS NEED ONE!
3048 FredHerman  
3049 MMoz ENTERPRISE has been, and should always be, the proud and historic name of one of our Navy's majestic existing ships.
3050 EowynPedicini  
3052 T.Smith I served aboard CVAN-65 & have 177 traps in A7E aircraft back in the 70's. Hell, we even had a Shuttle and a Starship. The name is most famous and deserves to be on a Carrier. I do not like the tendency to name ships after people either.
3053 DavidBelesi Continue the tradition!
3054 RichBennett  
3055 TimMull Keep Navy Traditions Alive!
3056 NinaDeLee  
3057 GlenLittle We need to keep history alive
3058 CalvinDodge There should always be an "Enterprise" in our fleet.
3059 MarkBest We need to get away from naming our carriers after politicians. Let's keep with the traditional naming convention. ENTERPRISE should always be a ship that we can see on the waterfront.
3060 JohnFlynn Served on the USS Enterprise CVN-65 from 1990 to 1995. Given the rich history of the Enterprise, there needs to be another Carrier bearing her name. MM1(SW) John J. Flynn
3061 DaleKeys Served aboard Nov. 68 until Jan 73
3062 JohnVentrella IC1 Aircraft carriers are a symbol of our nations and our navy's strength and finest traditions. THe USS Enterprise has been an honored part of our past and needs to also be part of our future.
3063 KurtGreiner  
3064 NicholasLorenzo  
3065 TroyGraeve The name Enterprise should forever be part of the United States Navy. The name U.S.S Enterprise is just like the United States of America, both are steeped in storied battles and resiliency since American Revolutionary War.
3066 LukeDouglas  
3067 MichaelLee Name it Enterprise!
3068 EricLowmiller Let history never forget the name...Enterprise
3069 RichardEvans There should always be an Enterprise.
3070 RobertHurwood The Name Enterprise symbolizes the best tradition of our country. There was an Enterprise for most of this country's wars. It must never go away.
3071 DarrylYoes  
3072 michaelstraley  
3073 MichaelCorrigan There should always be a USS Enterprise in the United States Navy.
3074 DavidBurns Our fleet should ALWAYS have an ENTERPRISE!
3075 BretStarr I agree with many of the above: stop naming ships after politicians and remember the traditions of the navy and the illustrious records of the former ships named Enterprise.
3076 FrankDavies do not delay this action any further
3077 ThomasFarina  
3078 CharlesWalker As a retired US Navy senior chief petty officer I can tell you a lot about the history the first carrier named Enterprise CV6 and of course Enterprise CVN 65. This is a Navy tradition that needs to be carried on. Take a moment and sign this petition.
3079 LISAKULOW we need an enterprise!!
3080 DavidMercer There should always be a active enterprise.
3081 RuelLacno On behalf of all the CPOs world-wide, I propose to name CVN-80 with the namesake of the historic CVN-65.
3082 JordanButcher I was a US Navy radioman on the USS Fletcher (DD992) and would like to see the name USS Enterprise perpetuated on a new air craft carier.
3083 MaxKaiserman ENTERPRISE is an honored American ship name. There should always be a ship bearing her name.
3084 ChrisWells  
3085 GeorgeGallo  
3086 ChrisBroussard  
3087 brandonlee  
3088 NathanBrown  
3089 SeanThomas Do it.
3090 AntonyBoone the United States Navy should not be without a ship named ENTERPRISE. And they should immediately rename the class of carrier after her and then retire the class.
3091 BrianThietje I would really like there to be another aircraft carrier to be named Enterprise. I can't imagine and don't want a lesser ship carrying that proud name
3092 WilliamShafer  
3093 BenjaminPowell Let's keep the name alive!
3094 JohnO'Rourke  
3095 BobZiemak  
3096 DaveMitchell  
3097 frankgeisler keep her afloat, keep the heritage alive.
3098 EhrenBittner  
3099 HanErickson Enterprise is synonymous with our navy's tradition and history. The very definition of Enterprise defines our navy's spirit.
3100 ChrisSwackhamer Enterprise, accept no substitutes.