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3101 PhoenixGeimer  
3102 BradMitchell Honor our traditions, and let there always be an Enterprise.
3103 KevinHuhn We need a Big E in 21st century JUST as much or more than in the 20th century.
3104 EdKeighron The Enterprise is a ideal, and needs to continue. Keep an Enterprise in the US Fleet.
3105 TerryBarrett History will remember the name Enterprise.
3106 DonGreenfield  
3107 JCMas There should always be a Big E in the fleet.
3108 PatrickKohler MUST continue the tradition of the Enterprise in the U.S. Navy!
3109 JuanitaSmith MUST always have an Enterprise. It's the NAVY for goodness sake...
3110 CowanSmith Must be an Enterprise!!!
3111 KeiaraJeff Enterpise Yeah!!!
3112 ScottSlutter Anchor's away!
3113 FRANCISMAS Enterprise is part of the foundation of this country. Let's keep the symbol alive!
3114 JacobRoeglin  
3115 RickLoging Keep the Enterprise alive!
3116 AustinBoone Keep the tradition going!
3117 RebeccaBurstein  
3118 JaimeBrown  
3119 PeterM Enterprise. One of the most storied names in all of naval history. Keep the name alive in the current century with the most newest, most powerful carrier in existence!
3120 HerlmutVon Richthofen I love Enterprise
3121 StevenCramsie "Let history never forget the name Enterprise."
3122 GregLogan CVN-80 USS Enterprise. Make history.
3123 LarryDaLuz Canada wants their to always be an Enterprise!
3124 KimberlyMiller  
3125 FrankOlynyk Enterprise -- don't settle for less. -- Frank.
3126 AdamCheck history must never forget her name.
3127 ScottDrumm  
3128 AndrewFettes We tried.. and failed to preserve CV-6 as a memorial in the 50's. It is unlikely that CVN-65 will be able to be preserved either, after the reactor decomission. There needs to be an enduring legacy.
3129 KurtStudt  
3130 MichaelRossler Let's honor our shipmates of the past and name our Naval vessels appropriately after historic events or Naval heroes.
3131 JamesCollins  
3132 RichardKennedy CVN80 should be named the U.S.S. Enterprise, to continue the traditon.
3133 MichaelDurney  
3134 DavidOsterlund  
3135 ChristopherHargrove  
3136 MichaelZorad  
3137 JohnGreene Keeping historical names means we won't have to deal with modern political correctness.
3138 JackTomlinson Traditionally, Battleships were named after states, cruisers after cities, and submarines after fish. Now submarines are named anything but fish. Understand that traditions of the service are more important than politics.
3139 DavidLawson The Navy would be a lot poorer w/o an Enterprise on station
3140 MarkMcNeilly There must always be an Enterprise in the fleet.
3141 AndyHampton  
3142 GeneKurtz RM3 Div, USS Enterprise 74-77
3143 EleeWakim  
3144 LawrenceShank Don't name ships after politions, unless they have done something heroic in the service and have passed on.
3145 JayAnderson  
3146 MichaelNOLAN There should always be a "Big E."
3147 PaulW keep the tradition going.
3148 BarryThomas  
3149 MichaelCuber  
3150 AMaxwell  
3151 JohnOwen The most legendary ship in the Navy!
3152 RussVassar Every CVN should be named after a 'Battle'. It's a great tradition and should not have been changed years ago. I suggest Fallujah or Basra. Russ
3153 WilliamRoberts  
3154 HughBrennan  
3155 JohnDavidson  
3156 kevinTribull  
3157 Richard SimonCleary Jr  
3158 AnnesleySwicker BIG E has done her job---would love to see CVN-80 retain the name. We are a Navy family----Father, brother, son A.Swicker
3159 WilliamAlbritton As a US Navy veteran, I believe US Naval vessels should be named for significant American victories, storied vessels of the past (i.e. USS Enterprise), and remarkable US Navy commanders of the past, not politicians.
3160 martinmoler our naval greatness derives from sailors and epic battles, not polititions
3161 MarkHemmingson CV6, CVN65: Scrap the old hull, but not the legacy - CVN80 ENTERPRISE.
3162 WiltonNice There should ALWAYS be a U.S.S. Enterprise on active duty! Please let the Navy return to more interesting and meaningful names. Think of the British carriers like the Invincible, isn't that better than a president or some lesser known civil servant?
3163 jamespratt  
3164 TrevorSampson Let the servicemen that defend our great country find honor and valor in the ship's name. Not politics and elections.
3165 SteveLyle I understand that the Navy has already labeled a couple of ships with "USS Gabriele Giffords" and "USS Medgar Evers." Pushing the trend, why not a USS Farakhan, USS Barney Frank, or USS Dependency. Navy, please return to your traditions. Regards, Steve
3166 TeresaDeChristopher  
3167 StefanieSampson  
3168 StephenWeise USS Enterprise is fine. I would also support Lexington, Yorktown, Ethan Allen or Fighting Bob Evans.
3169 MelindaSampson  
3170 EricAllen  
3171 BarbaraKurtz Our Naval Fleet should always have a ship named "USS Enterprise". No politician's name is worthy enough for that honor. Let's honor every American who has served on any incarnation of "Enterprise" instead.
3172 MichaelBeaumont May history never forget the name Enterprise
3173 AdamBroussard Losing the Enterprise as a ship would be a serious blow to the Navy's image. The history of this vessel and her past crews must live in in perpetua.
3174 MichaelManougian Honor CV6 and CVN65 and keep this prestigious name alive
3175 RachelSparrow Keep the name in the fleet!
3176 stevewilzbacher ships crew-member ht3 1984-1986. lets make this happen
3177 Mark B.Slack Keep the tradition alive.
3178 DavidEckels  
3179 cassandracockburn  
3180 JamesSmith The most revered name in US naval history is Enterprise. Therefore the next CVN 80 must take this most honored name. There can be no naval tradition more important than seeing that past ships carrying this name and the men who served on them are honored.
3181 AbijahSanders Keep the name alive please.
3182 JamesEicker I served in Vietnam just about the time the Enterprise began its long effective career. This world need another U.S Enterprise to carry on the legacy. Please name CVN-80 Enterprise. Thank you.
3183 StephenJones  
3184 TammyDemoreuille  
3185 ChristiferO'Daniel  
3186 DavidJones "Let's make sure history never forgets the name, Enterprise!" Captain Jean-Luc Picard, 2366
3187 shawncampbell  
3188 Jerry P.Dominguez Webster Dictionary - Enterprise: Readiness for daring action, initiative. This says it all. It's a prestigious name of nobility, strength and honor. I served aboard from 88-90.
3189 RachelYoung There should always be an Enterprise in the US Navy's fleet.
3190 JimStenzel A truly noble ship deserves a truly noble name: CVN-80 USS Enterprise
3191 DaveDaily  
3192 RobertManieri "Enterprise" is a name so associated with the Armed Forces of the United States it seems hard to fathom a time when the United States Navy has not had a ship USS Enterprise.
3193 DavidMiller I completely agree that Enterprise should be the name, history and tradition are my criteria, there should always be a USS Enterprise and a continuation in the CV world is the best choice.
3194 RossMoreland It is a prestigious name. We should continue the lineage.
3195 ChristianArmstrong The Enterprise is the most known ship name in existence.
3196 clays the name enterprise is ledgendary in the united states navy and should remain on one of the new ford class carriers.
3197 DennisLubertozzi  
3198 RussellSampson HONOR our heritage, Have the COURAGE to do the right thing, COMMIT to Changing the name.
3199 JohnMullins  
3200 HenrySmith, Jr.