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3201 RussellSampson Ford is a name for a car not a Carrier.
3202 KevinLynch  
3203 MichaelCrutcher The names of our warships should inspire those who serve on them; there is no more glorious history than that associated with the Big E. And, ENTERPRISE it should be!
3204 EdwardSowa There should always be a commissioned Naval ship named USS Enterprise.
3205 RobHoffman Peace through strength
3206 JohnMcCormack I can not imagine the US Navy without a USS Enterprise.
3207 HiramTibbitts Please allow the legacy of American pride and sailors live on in spirit through naming CVN-80, U.S.S. Enterprise.
3208 DavidCrowder US Navy without USS Enterprise? Unthinkable!
3209 HoytBrown Let's make sure that history never forgets the name Enterprise.
3210 ThomasZink E is for Excellence. Continue the Tradition!
3211 FrankArmstrong  
3212 GeoffLowe  
3213 AlfredSauve  
3214 TimCheney Keep the name - keep the dream
3215 JoshuaBerry  
3216 MontyLuchtniy  
3217 BrianChiaravalle  
3218 MichaelRitsch  
3219 RogerThompson Proud History for the Enterprise
3220 GeorgeMerriman  
3221 donivanstogsdill Historic naval tradition.
3222 TerryWalker  
3223 JohnBrewer  
3224 randysummey  
3225 MichaelHockley I remeber my first visit to Enterprise, and my 2nd etc etc
3226 JamesKrohn The name Enterprise should always be active.
3227 FrankMcGuire Continue the tradition
3228 HollandMcPeake  
3229 MarkDamon The was never a better ship in the US Navy and we should carry on the tradition of having a ship named the USS Enterprise!!
3230 AlexanderWilliams The US Navy should never be without the name "Enterprise".
3231 RonaldGariepy There should be an "Enterprise" in the fleet.
3232 ServillanoOlano There should always be an Enterprise on active duty in our glorious fleet.
3233 PatrickStewart There must always be an Enterprise.
3234 JeffPizanti It's 50 year mission...
3235 AmberBrumbaugh The name Enterprise has such history in the U. S. Navy. The name needs to be carried on for another 50 years.
3236 PeterMicale  
3237 sheilamccoy The enterprise has served us well. May she sail another 50 years
3238 StevenLynch Wouldn't it be great if online petitions meant something? Well, I hope this one does because naming capital ships after presidents in an awful practice.
3239 RickSalvi How can the US Navy not have a ship named Enterprise? It's practically a Naval tradition to have a ship named Enterprise in the fleet...
3240 NeilClark  
3241 Jeffrey HowardStiehm Name it the Enterprise. Stop naming naval vessels after politicians living or dead.
3242 IanRoessle  
3243 DonSperline The Navy needs to continue the Enterprise tradition
3244 WesleyBusdiecker There should always be an ENTERPRISE in the fleet!
3245 PeterTrachtenberg No more politicians!! In rememberance of the most decorated U.S. warship: USS Enterprise!!!
3246 ChadMurphy Always an Enterprise.
3247 PeterBradley With all respect to Gerald Ford (who was a Navy Pilot), CVN-80 should be named "Enterprise". There should always be an American "Enterprise" afloat, just like there should always be an 82nd Airborne Div
3248 JohnMothershead  
3249 ThomasWilliams This seems dumb to debate. the timing couldnt be better for another Enterprise.
3250 IsaacLa Vina Let the Enterprise live on.
3251 bryanhansen the navy with out an enterprise should not be allowed
3252 BruceGalton Of course. The Navy needs to have ships with historical and meaningful names.
3253 steventamberino name cvn 80 Enterprise!!!
3254 Ferdy R.Kraus USS Enterprise (CV-6) is the most decorated vessel in the history of the USN. USS Enterprise (CVN-65)is the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier & currently the longest naval vessel in the world. There must always be a ship named Enterprise in the USN.
3255 JamesHalke It wouldn't be the U.S. Navy without the Enterprise to lead the navy, it is a tradition that must be continued, we owe it to every sailor that has served and died aboard a vessel named Enterprise to honor them by naming the CVN 80 U.S.S. Enterprise.
3256 HalinJordan Navy must have an USS Enterprise!
3257 VictorDonge Enterprise is too worthy a name to use for a DD or FF.
3258 JordanK  
3259 JimODonnell There should always be an Enterprise in the USN, and it should always be a carrier.
3260 ThomasHassett The only active warship with a legacy into the past and into the future (i.e. space shuttle & starship). Maintain the legacy.
3261 WilliamRaab "Let's make sure that history never forgets the name...Enterprise."
3262 MargaretAdams It would be disrespectful to the people who served on her.
3263 BrandonLinn  
3264 BenjaminBoucher Keep the name Enterprise alive!!
3265 MadelyneBoucher-Newborn My Brother was stationed on this Beautiful Ship.... Please name the New One Enterprise after the No.. "65" and keep the name going.....
3266 MichaelPalmer The name must go on
3267 DeannaBoucher  
3268 LisaKugler  
3269 SharonGray Keep the Enterprise!
3270 RyanReid Keep the Enterprise!
3271 MichaelWatkins We can't have a Navy that doesn't have an "Enterprise" on the line--tradition, history, and national pride are vital to our ethos.
3272 RileyGreenwood There is a legacy here, the “Big E” is a significant part of our national heritage. She was named after the USS Enterprise CV 6, the most decorated war ship in the US Navy’s history. Our current Enterprise has been a defender of Freedom for over 50 year
3273 CJSlate  
3274 johneaves YES Indeed, enough political names for ships,,,, Name her the Enterprise
3275 JeromeConner There should always be a USS Enterprise in the US Navy Fleet!
3276 GlennDmiczak  
3277 EricaRoessle  
3278 vincehall the Big E must live on.
3279 KevinMurphy It is the honorable thing to do.
3280 SusanDixon  
3281 DougDrexler We need a carrier named Enterprise to carry a proud and historic tradition forward. Thie name has real value. We have enough carriers named after politicos.
3282 lesterjewell It worked for a spsce shuttle.
3283 MichaelDavidson Lets name this new vessel "Enterprise" and let it boldly go into any sea we may need it!
3284 TerryChatfield Signalman 2nd Class
3285 ScottMark As I'm sure many have already said; history must never forget the name 'Enterprise'.
3286 KevinPalm There must always be an Enterprise!
3287 ChrisHodge I think the CVN-80 should be the new Big E. My dad served on the Big E when he was in the Navy.
3288 CraigBinkley "Enterprise" is a name that is synonymous with eight of the greatest U.S.Naval air craft carriers in history and and is a tradition that needs to continue as the flagship name for the next U.S. nuclear carrier.
3289 AJParr  
3290 AldoRodriguez  
3291 BryantCritcher It is only right that we continue the legacy of the Enterprise.
3292 TonyWhitehead  
3293 zacharywood  
3294 CarlTerry  
3295 AdamIhle  
3296 AliceRies  
3297 MichaelArnould Let's make sure that history does not forget the name Enterprise.
3298 DaxPandhi  
3299 russellmeyers Make it so!
3300 Aine'Graham