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4801 JohnWalters TRADITION! The USN should never be without a ship with this beloved name.
4802 RandolWilliams Absolutely! Continue the famous and proud line of US Navy ships with the name, Enterprise!
4803 DavidStafford  
4804 AndrewKennedy As one Enterprise leaves service, we are left with a void. CVN-80 should be named Enterprise in honor of each ship that has carried that name before her. That tradition of excellence and honor should continue.
4805 joshualewis there should always be a ship named Enterprise
4806 johndiaz Vgreat idea
4807 miguelgarcia fuck yeah america is the best go enterprise
4808 KerryHanson Let's make sure history never forgets the name "Enterprise."
4809 NickGreene  
4810 SamReed It feels wrong to have a US Navy without an Enterprise...
4811 LeslieAshby  
4812 Scott HStuart, The line must continue!
4813 LloydPearson his nation owes a debt of gratitude to carriers named Enterprise. From Midway to Okinawa, to Tokyo no ship ever earned more Battle Flags. Then the Nuclear Carrier was proven. Millions more see it flying about the galaxy. We need Enterprise MAKE IT SO!!
4814 WrightSublette The USS Enterprise is the greatest name in American Naval history. Our nation should always have a USS Enterprise on duty protecting and serving America. sincerely, - Wright Sublette, Gunners Mate GM2 87-91 USS Austin
4815 JamesAtkins  
4816 David LHuston  
4817 EricLaes There should always be a BIG-E-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4818 EdwardSaunders  
4819 CalebBare  
4820 SashaBeer There always needs to an Enterprise.
4821 RogerRoop There should always be an ENTERPRISE listed among our Nation's capitol ships.
4822 ThomasBean  
4823 DonaldVan Leuven CV6 USS Enterprise stood alone agaist the mighty Japanise fleet as other carriers were sunk to have more days of combat then any other capital ship during the war. CVN 64 served very effectivly from 1964 to 2012. Enterprise should be the only name.
4824 JoshuaNoble The fleet should always have an Enterprise.
4825 paulslater There has to be a Enterpirse, its a ship with history and of service, how fitting that the new carrier be named enterprise.
4826 BarbaraPotts  
4827 SeanLeshney There always needs to be a USS Enterprise in the fleet.
4828 JonMusser in my opinion there has always been an Enterprise in the fleet and there always should be an Enterprise in the fleet... it is the most decorated ship in history and in my opinion the country demands it
4829 kenfeldman As long as the Navy has aircraft carriers there should always be an Enterprise as part of the fleet !
4830 DaveVander Grift There should always be an Enterprise, Lexington, Saratoga, Hornet, Wasp, and Yorktown in the fleet. Presidents govern the country; the WWII aircraft carriers saved the country
4831 RobynRutto  
4832 StuartTice Go Big E!!!
4833 AaronPinsker  
4834 JamesLambly There has always been a USS Enterprise in the US Navy. Dating back to the Continental Navy of the revolutionary war. It is the most important name in our naval forces history. It would be wrong to not have a ship named Enterprise now.
4835 JustinHaws In this time and era we need now more than ever a reminder of what Enterprise stands for, the real one and the fiction one.
4836 JosephWilliams  
4837 JeffDailey From a man whose father served on the Enterprise in Vietnam, there should always be an Enterprise like those before her.
4838 EricApfel It would definitely be a shame to not have an Enterprise, whether it be on the seas or sailing the stars.
4839 MattSeese  
4840 AdamBehnke No more politicians please. Just because someone held an office doesn't make them worthy of being a carrier's namesake.
4841 EricHanson Enterprise is the most iconic of names for ships in the United States Navy. May the USN always have a flag ship Enterprise!
4842 TerryT CVN80 should be named the USS Enterprise. We should always have a carrier with that name. And to stop naming carriers after politicians.
4843 ThomasFrezza There should always be an Enterprise in the US Navy.
4844 joshholder  
4845 JamesMcCrosson There should always be an Enterprise in our fleet. Even though I am retired USAF, I am a history buff and "The Big E" has been a favorite. . .
4846 PaulHoppe  
4847 CharlieCarmichael In order to honor our veterans, we must name CVN-80 "Enterprise". I think it would be cool to have another USS "Arizona".
4848 mathewmoloney Never let the pride of the US Navy in WW2 not have a us navy ship named after it
4849 PhilGardocki Forget the stupid petition, call your congressman. They do have influence on things like this.
4850 FredQuinones The Navy would not be the Navy without a ship named Enterprise!
4851 ShirleyCooley In honor of the proud tradition of the US Navy, and all the ships before named Enterprise, CVN 80 needs to carry on the namesake. There should always be an active Enterprise.
4852 CarlDennis  
4853 DesmondLocker Come on, America's Flag must be the Enterprise!
4854 GaryLufkin USS Enterprise forever...
4855 jamesclark Cvn 80 should be named enterprise because theres always has been and should be an enterprise
4856 MelCramer  
4857 NinaMcCampbell USS Enterprise is a proud name. There should always be a USS Enterprise!
4858 WarnerEmdee Please name one of the new ships after the Enterprise. Thanks
4859 markWilliams Continue this proud name and get away from the presidents
4860 GeneJohnson The Big "E" should always be in the current fleet. CVN-65 was not the first. Don't let it be the last. It is a proud name. The U.S.S. ENTERPRISE!!
4861 WilliamFranqui Jr There should always be an Enterprise in the U.S. Navy.
4862 DaneManuel As all before have said, we should ALWAYS have a USS Enterprise.
4863 TobyLeBlanc There should always be a USS Enterprise
4864 ThomasDougherty Let's restore tradition and name carriers after famous ships rather than politicians. It's the People's Navy, not theirs!
4865 JamesHopkins  
4866 CallumJackson -
4867 RichardCole  
4868 ThomasBauer  
4869 LouieReyes  
4870 KyleCaton Hooyah, Enterprise!
4871 DavidWilliams  
4872 EricJohnson The "Enterprise" name is a proud tradition among many fine Navy ships throughout the years. Please help carry on this tradition in the name of all the men and women who have served aboard the USS Enterprise!
4873 francinehall Must always have an enterprise. Cpl. Hall / USMC /DAV
4874 GaryEvans Name CVN-80 "Enterprise!" NO US vessel should ever be named for a politician!
4875 NelsonPetteys Please continue the tradition of having a USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-80)in the United States Navy, the greates sea service in the World!
4876 JacobHook Let the legacy continue.
4877 AlanGregory  
4878 KeithBlumenfeld  
4879 WilliamSpears CVN-80 Enterprise
4880 RandyAnderson CVN 80 - USS ENTERPRISE
4881 DorseyDubbs  
4882 JeffreyWilliams I sleep better at night knowing we have an Enterprise in the fleet. CVN-65 truly represented peace through strength. I believe a new Enterprise can do the same. I implore our govt to "Make it so" A great name for a great Navy.
4883 KristinaFacer There should always be an Enterprise in our Navy! CVN-80!!!!
4884 GregoryBullard The Navy should endeavor to ensure that the crowning jewels of our fleet, currently the Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier, should always prominently feature a Big-E.
4885 ThomasNettleton The U.S. Navy should carry on the proud tradition of always have a ship named ENTERPRISE in the Fleet.
4886 MichaelSeaman-Huynh Let's get back to traditional names for our carriers. Name CVN-80 the Enterprise!
4887 RekekahMusser  
4888 AndrewSmith History must not forget the name..Enterprise!!
4889 RobWilson First star to the right, and straight on 'til morning
4890 MarkGarriepy  
4891 KayMcKee  
4892 JasonGrant There should always be an active "Enterprise" in the fleet. With the current Big E now retiring, it is time to pass on the torch.
4893 MikeWalker This ship name needs to live on its iconic and envokes pride in our nations Navy never forget The Big E!
4894 GreggFaulkenberry PLEASE name the CVN-80 the USS Enterprise and keep this proud name alive in american History!!
4895 PamNovak There should always be an Enterprise!
4896 DevinMalek Keep the name ENTERPRISE alive!
4897 BryanMcQuirk Based on history, this name should continue on before anymore presidents should.
4898 MattThompson The Navy needs a Big E in the fleet!
4899 mattmanarchy  
4900 KatrinaEmmer