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4901 AmericoGarcia  
4902 LedonJohnson  
4903 KennethKramee Having served aboard CVN65 between 1985 & 1990, I would love to see another ship carry this illustrious name.
4904 JohnHeller “These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise, it's continuing mission to explore a strange new world, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.”
4905 GregoryBlackman  
4906 MichaelMader  
4907 GordonChastain YES
4908 RaymondCollier I would appreciate if the United States Navy would seriously consider that the CVN-80 woudl be commissioned "U.S.S. Enterprise." It's a proud name & tradition for the name of a Fighting Warship of of United States Navy tradition should be continued.
4909 TimFaulkner CVN-80 should be named USS Enterprise due to the visibility of the name and the tradition it represents.
4910 MarioNerio Enterprise is not only a Name is part of History. "Something tells me that this will not be the last vessel to bear the name, "Enterprise." - Captain Picard - Star Trek: Generations (1994)
4911 RobertFredricksen  
4912 matthewlenton There should always be an enterprise sailing the seas
4913 EricAguada Let's keep the USS Enterprise name alive in CVN-80!
4914 TerryBane I am former sailor from USS Enterprise CVN-65
4915 chrisBramorski Always should be an USS ENTERPRISE. An USS ARIZONA would be a great honor as well.
4916 ArthurSabio The US Navy wouldn't be the same without an Enterprise in the fleet.
4917 EdCarter  
4918 AmosForeman I served on aircraft carriers for 10 years and the "Big E" was always one of my favorites. I think it would be a shame to lose the tradition of an Enterprise in the Naval Service.
4919 JerryFurr Former AD1 - the Navy should never be without a ship names Enterprise.
4920 DavidMorales We got our wish. At the inactivation ceremony of the USS Enterprise, the Sec of the Navy announced that CVN-80 will be the next USS Enterprise. We will have to wait 25 years to see her commissioned.
4921 PatrickWalters  
4922 TracyMuncy Enterprise is a classic name that should continue
4923 NicholasLucia The US Navy should always have a proud capital ship named Enterprise in the fleet!
4924 vinceflood  
4925 BuddyMcKinney what is the Navy without the ENTERPRISE
4926 DaveCreighton Please bring back the old tradition of naming them after famous vessels or battles. Enterprise, Yorktown, Hornet, Lexington, Saratoga, Wasp and so on. Its not right naming them after politicians.
4927 MarkAllen There should always be a USS Enterprise!
4928 JamesChristensen With the strength of heritage and service behind it, there should also be an Enterprise in the fleet.
4929 WilliamMariani THe Name Enterprise has always been and will always be synonymous with the NAVY. A modern Navy without and Enterprise Flag Ship is unthinkable
4930 SusanLee please keep an Enterprise in the fleet!
4931 raymondlopez Im a former sailor and I recognize the iconic significance of the name USS Enterprise in our popular culture. We must make sureher namesake lives on and doesnt just remain a footnote in the history books.
4932 FrankVarrile "Let's make sure history never forgets the name Enterprise."
4933 DarrylGaona Enterprise, past, present, and future
4934 ShamirMohan  
4935 HughMckenney cv80 should be named USS Enterprise
4936 JessicaKelly Thank you for naming CVN-80 USS Enterprise, she will serve us well
4937 CraigPichette The alternative is to name it after some President or politician? There should always be an Enterprise in the US Navy. It signals our control of the sea lanes globally.
4938 davidfelt We need another one named its our history and since we left the space flight at least give it to the man and women of the seas.
4939 AllenBeals Long live Enterprise.
4940 BillSandler Please name the next carrier USS Enterprise. The navy scrapped the most honored ship of WW2 and probably the most honored ship in US Navy history, the USS Enterprise CV6. Please do not let the legacy of CV6 and the name Enterprise die with the CVN 65.
4941 ShaneGray  
4942 AndrewStidham  
4943 barrettmuhlenbruch it needs to be enterprise
4944 GaryTolle It was an honor to serve on the Big "E", so much history with her. We should always have the USS Enterprise in our fleet!
4945 JamesEzell history will never forget the name Enterprise
4946 DerekSmith The most honored name in the US Navy
4947 CliftonBarham Let's make sure that history never forgets the name Enterprise.
4948 RyanLin The Fleet will always need an Enterprise!
4949 VeronicaVinitski  
4950 SteveStangland There should be now and forever be an Enterprise in the fleet!
4951 Luis T.Puig Please, make it so!
4952 STEVENSPARKS An Enterprise should always be sailing the oceans or flying the heavens.
4953 StevenSmall Make it so!
4954 JohnAllosso  
4955 MartinPennington Please name this ship USS Enterprise..
4956 RandyVan Steen Great idea! U.S. Navy Veteran, Sonar Technician aboard USS Schofield (FFG 3)
4957 johnking the navy should be proud to carry on the tradition OF THE ENTERPRISE NAME...if political names have to be ued save them for garbage scows where they belong...
4958 TedHitchens Served aboard USS Enterprise CVN-65 and attended her inactivation in 2012. Yes, the name must carry on.
4959 MikeSearles Keep the proud name of the USS Enterprise alive
4960 CraigJohnston Please .. please.. let the name Enterprise grace another US Navy carrier
4961 johnanderson Rename the Gerald Ford to Enterprise. America would want it that way. Ford was a lame duck president; Enterprise is a legend. Its a crying shame we did not preserve the WW2 carrier. This time, we can do better. Also- save the current Enterprise's island
4962 HaroldMooneyman A great idea. The USS Enterprise should live on.
4963 RobertKoop By naming a ship after it's predecessor, you honour all those who have served aboard them, and not just one person.
4964 RichardKulesh The name Enterprise is worthy of permanent inclusion into the fleet, and only to be carried upon the shoulders of a top-tier vessel. I cannot accept any notion that would downgrade the name to an amphib, such as what happened with USS America.
4965 jamescornell  
4966 LelandFord  
4967 GaryWorkman  
4968 ZachHuneycutt "lets us make sure that history never forgets the name....Enterprise"
4969 BryanSomers I served aboard Enterprise for four years. She set the bar for all to follow and she set the bar high. November 28 2012 I was honored to walk her decks one more time. She still stood tall and she still stood proud. The Name Enterprise must live on
4970 AdamWaterhouse This should be a no-brainer.
4971 JohnPelchat  
4972 WilliamKirgan  
4973 ClaudioSalvo Army deserves a ship with the most famous ship name in history
4974 EdPatton Really? we have to petition for this? We have become a banana republic.
4975 CarloDuncan she will carry the name well
4976 JohnMoore Do it now.
4977 BrianFleming The United States Navy would not be the same without a ship bearing the name "Enterprise."
4978 MichelleThornton  
4979 JohnMoore Let carry on the Name USS Enterprise on the new carrier.
4980 christopherstotler  
4981 aryEvelynSmith Carry on with this great name.
4982 JoelKuck Please name CVN-80 the USS Enterprise.
4983 DeniAntonic Keep the Enterprise tradition going and going.
4984 ChrisEddy  
4985 ThomasDorney  
4986 RODNEYMILLER There, re also be a. Uss Enterprise in the fleet.
4987 GarySantrucek There Shall ALWAYS BE an ENTERPRISE in the United States Navy
4988 ChristopherSchafer "U.S.S. Enterprise" is a proud name & tradition for a Fighting Warship of United States Navy; a tradition that should be continued.
4989 StevenCain There should always be a USS Enterprise in service of our country.
4990 JamesPadfield Name the carrier Enterprise or Saratoga; please stop the dreadful practice of naming Navy ships after politicians.
4991 LandonBaur Please stop naming flagship warships after politicians. These should be named after pertinent events/conflicts.
4992 TerryFolsom I was pleased to hear the announcement that the spirit of Enterprise will sail the seas again. We are stronger with her.
4993 ReidRademaker  
4994 RichardSt.Lawrence, Jr.  
4995 JerryQuintiliani I flew sub cover during the Vietnam War for the Enterprise; there must be another just as great. Also agree with an earlier signer about naming new carriers after those that won the Pacific War in WWII: Hornet, Wasp, Yorktown, etal.
4996 MarkCarver The US Navy without a USS Enterprise should not be allowed. Their is so much history with the name.
4997 MikeHoover Why not have the class of carriers be Enterprise as well.
4998 Kenneth D.Simons What better timing - There should be NO DOUBT ABOUT IT !
4999 DiegoNilo there will always be an Enterprise, his mission got to be To boldly go... "Big E" never dies.
5000 walterGysbers since they are going to scrape the most decorated war ship in the history of thee Navy,(the USS Enterprise CVN 65) it is nly fitting the next carrier cvn 80 should be ninth ship to named the USS Enterprise