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5001 DaveHuels I'm a U.S. Navy Veteran 1966-1970 There should always be a Enterprise
5002 markmcmillan '89-'93, best 4 years of my career. Keep the namesake alive.
5003 LucineReinbold  
5004 ValUselton Enterprise name should live on and carry on the tradition.
5005 StephenHopkins Lets keep the boat afloat
5006 LindaReinbold  
5007 BrianFrye Since there is no Enterprise Museum for the most decorated ship in US history (CV-6), there should always be a USS Enterprise.
5008 JosephVan Blaster  
5009 AnthonyRuiz Let history never forget the name ENTERPRISE!
5010 TimNatoli  
5011 KenLatham There should always be a BIG E
5012 ClintWingrove Stop rewarding politicians and give these ships the honorable names they deserve
5013 DavidZug How can you NOT use the ENTERPRISE name again, after reducing her to razor blades, in light of her prowess, dedication, and reliability.
5014 MikeGabriel White house petition on this topic too wh.gov/mT2v
5015 vasilioszaimis It is not a US Navy without the Enterprise
5016 ClarenceClemons ENTERPRISE is a proud name with a proud tradition. Continuing that proud name and tradition seems like the right thing to do. Our Navy would be well served to do so.
5017 BrianWillemssen The name needs to live on. CVN 65 was my first ship and I want my daughter to serve on ENTERPRISE as her first ship.
5018 PaulMurry There was never a more important ship in the US navy than the World War II carrier Enterprise.
5019 MadduxBaack The name "Enterprise" has had a long and distinguished history in our proud naval history. It wouldn't seem right not to continue it.
5020 ScottBrower  
5021 ormenachem  
5022 BobbyMobley I am a Navy Veteran and fully endorse Naming CVN-80 The Enterprize.
5023 RafaelReyes Let's Keep the Enterprise name alive!
5024 ChanceWilson To quote Captain Jean-Luc-Picard, "I doubt that this will be the last ship to carry the name Enterprise."
5025 TomGlenn  
5026 WalterWinslow I am a retired US Navy ABH 1 and would love to see the USS Enterprise given the side number of 80. USS Enterprise CVN 80 just sounds right.
5027 Wilford MRose Yes
5029 Uswin PWood CVN-80 should hold the Honor and keep to the name Enterprise. The name hold Much History. Proud history. A history that no other Ship well hold. Give CVN-80 her name. Give her the Name of her Sisters before her. Give her Enterprise.
5030 JeremyFindley Our United States should never be without a naval vessel bearing the name Enterprise. Outfit her with the new laser as well.
5031 RyanSowers It's the fucking Enterprise. There isn't much sense behind it.
5032 BendigoArtley  
5033 CarterBell  
5034 StevenMomano There should ALWAYS be a carrier in the Fleet named "ENTERPRISE." Let's stop naming carriers after people, and retun to the old naming convention for CVs!
5035 EdMatson There has been and always should be a ship named Enterprise in the United States Navy
5036 KevinHoolahan Our future demands the Big E
5037 NicholasGlenn The History of the name of Enterprise has represent principles of the continuing mission of Honor, Courage and, Commitment.
5038 ScottReinbold Served onboard CVN-65 from 1999-2003, please don't let the name die with her. Please carry on the tradition of keeping the name active in the fleet!
5039 RobertKahler We need to keep the Big E in the fleet. The name alone rains fear on those who oppose us.
5040 HenryMcWilliams It isn't a US Navy without a ship named Enterprise. It is tradition and a sorce of honor and yes Pride all things that are NAVY!
5041 StephRinker Yes, another Big E will be great, also hope they use some of the steel in the former Big E in the new one.
5042 RobertEdwards I'm all for it. It is a great Start, Keep up the Great Work, I'll be waiting.
5043 JasonFrederick  
5044 J. D.Poorman 1959 was a sad year.
5045 JackSargeant Signalman 1988-1991 There should ALWAYS be a USS Enterprise in the USN!
5046 MatthewChristopherson  
5047 DavidPetty  
5048 DavidKing the first in a new class of ship should be the Enterprise
5049 ChrisShaffer  
5050 JulesCaprio There should always be a carrier with the name of Enterprise...CVN-80 USS Enterprise
5051 KenHodges Tradition. Just look and think Enterprise and the history and accomplishments of the vessels in honoring my late father a WWII Pacific Theater combat veteran I think the name must be the only choice, it is the most honorable thing to do
5052 TimothyMcMahon As long as there are ships representing the United States, there should always be an "Enterprise"
5053 davidshippee  
5054 PaulKnight Each generation of your navy has had an Enterprise so keep the tradition alive. As I sit here I am building a scale model of the Enterprise (CVN-65). So this non-american is whole heartedly signing this petition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5055 Paul TKnight "I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely seas and sky, and all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by".
5056 JackGilhooly I had a small plastic version as a kid when I would play GI-Joe's.... I loved that ship.... Lets keep the name alive!
5057 DavidSparrow  
5058 ChristopherLindbeck There should always be a USS Enterprise protecting the United States.
5059 LyleBackus Jus so it is not Clinton or Obama. I choose Enterprise.
5060 RogerMatthews Please save the Enterprise. It should be a museum and a part of American history that we can see. We waste tons of money on things that matter less. This would be an investment.
5061 MattWalters Let us never forget and carry the torch forward in remembrance of the Enterprise's legacy.
5062 TessaSchmidt Enterprise has served our navy well, even with assisting our space fleet (sadly decommissioned) with the prototype being named Enterprise; to continue this tradition is to remember those served before.
5063 JohnAustin It is only fitting that the next step forward in carrier aircraft give homage to a glorious past. ENTERPRISE
5064 davedeleau The USS ENTERPRISE ia an american navy tradition. Please never let it go.
5065 MitchellPak The new carrier should be named Enterprise. It is a name with a long and distinguished history and it should live again.
5066 MatthewBall There should always be an USS Enterprise in our Navy.
5067 PhillipGriffin I first served on CVAN 65 on the 1974-75 Westpac, participating in Operation Frequent Wind. I served aboard "The Navy's Sunday Punch" with three different HS squadrons on West and East Coast thru 4 Westpac. It's not the US NAVY without the Big E!
5068 JayBartish  
5069 briancuster name CVN 81 USS United States
5070 RobertRandels I agree, there should always be a carrier in the Naval fleet bearing the name USS Enterprise
5071 ShayaRodriguez  
5072 JPParadis  
5073 DougLowry There should always be an 'Enterprise' in the US Navy.
5074 JimSherman My uncle served on Enterprise in Vietnam era. Leave it alone!!
5075 CooperPatterson  
5076 carmelafleischman  
5077 JosephAiroso  
5078 AntonioPenilla There should always be a capital ship named USS ENTERPRISE!
5079 LeannaChatwin  
5080 DavidHeard Keep this heritage going, that name needs to be in our fleet!
5081 EdwardAnauo As a Navy vet all I can say is that it is imperative to honor the traditions and history of this countries naval strength. Anything less would be a slap in the face to those who wore the uniform to defend this proud nation. Long live the BIG E.
5082 michael fyoung  
5083 MichaelRose We have ALWAYS had an Enterprise and we should ALWAYS have an Enterprise.